Chef Dato’s Table

Offers Farm To Table Dining!

by Karen Fetter

chef-datos-tableThis summer residents of Westmoreland County will have the opportunity to experience dining at its best – outside!  Chef Dato’s Table Restaurant in Latrobe is proud to announce that they will offer outdoor dining on a new patio.  The patio will have a German beer garden theme complete with a Georgian Hut, seating, and a grill.  Customers will be able to sit outside and eat beginning the end of April 2011.

“We will be one of the few restaurants in the area to have an outdoor venue,” said owner Kara Kadagishvilli.  “But in addition to that we have something special to offer everyday.”

This unpretentious, upscale casual fine dining restaurant makes eating out an experience.  The location is pleasant and peaceful along Route 217 in Latrobe.  Not to mention the food is extraordinary.  The late David “Chef Dato” Kadagishvilli poured his heart and soul into developing the finest of local restaurants.   He had 30 years experience in the culinary field and made the focus of the restaurant on the food and its preparation.  Kara explains that the restaurant only uses the best ingredients available and chooses a farm to table approach that includes working with many local farmers, bakers and food purveyors. This style of food preparation comes through in the taste and quality of the food.

Offering Something Special Every Day

Customers will find a new theme and feature each day.  For example, on Tuesday it is a German favorite theme.  A sample menu item from that day would include brussel sprout and potato soup, a Wiener schnitzel sandwich, and a Mahi Mahi zigeuner.  Wednesday is Tuscan Italian and Thursday it is a rotating New Country cuisine.  For instance, one week the country could be Portugal, India or Morocco!  Recently Chef Dave Ridilla cooks Casablanca mussels from their special international menu for Moroccan day.

Passports to Great Dining

Kate Kadagishvilli says this rotating schedule keeps the chefs on their toes.  Friday is seafood day and Saturday is prime rib.  But what makes the weekly features even more exciting is the food passports each customer receives.  Each time someone eats on a feature night, his or her passport will get stamped with the country and the date.  Once the passport gets completed, the customer can receive free menu items.  For example, three stamps equal a free dessert, five stamps equal a free appetizer (up to $7 value), seven stamps equal a free entree (up to $14 value), and 10 stamps equal 2 free entrees (each up to $14 value).  It is a great way for customers to experience tastes from around the world all the while maintaining the same location. And lastly, Chef Dato’s Table offers a Sunday brunch from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., which offers a wide array of breakfast and dinner items.  These featured days help sustain customer loyalty as well as keeping things fresh.

Chef Dato’s History in the Area

Customer loyalty is something Chef Dato’s Table never had to worry about.  Customers have been eating Chef Dato’s food locally for years.  David “Chef Dato” Kadagishvilli began working at the Tin Lizzy as a caterer and personal chef.  Once he saw how people received him he knew he wanted to start his own business.

After he purchased the restaurant he was able to have a bigger kitchen and more room to do banquets and catering.  Chef Dato always enjoyed competition and could be seen on the Food Network displaying his award winning food creations.  After his sudden death from injuries in a car crash on January 12, 2011 the restaurant continues on with his team of chefs.  Customers know that the famous dishes and creativity are still alive in the restaurant.

Chef Dato’s Table menu items are original and unique and are sure to make any mouth water.  Appetizers include buffalo pierogies, Dato’s mussels, fried pickles, and five cheese stuffed banana peppers to name just a few.  All soups are made from scratch as well as the salad dressings.  Salad menu items include a Bourbon Maple Salmon Salad, a Fall Orchard Salad, a Pittsburgh Chicken or Steak salad, and My Big Fat Greek Salad.  Also, each month is a house made dressing of the month.

Complete Menu

The complete menu can be found by going to the website

Entree items include, but are not limited to, lobster macaroni and cheese, chicken and feta risotto, sautéed beef tips, mermaid angel hair, New York strip steak, and Chambersburg chicken, which is sautéed chicken breast with sliced peaches with a peach schnapps cream sauce.

If you are looking for a hearty sandwich then you will be satisfied.  Menu items include a New York strip steak sandwich, a giant Reuben, pretzel bratwurst, crispy grilled chicken, a house burger and many more.

Don’t forget to save room for dessert with Chef Dato’s Signature crème brulee bread pudding among many other sweet treats such as death by chocolate, New York cheesecake, tortes, apple dumpling and a classic pecan ball.

Customers are very active with the restaurant through use of video blogs of each night’s food on the website and through Facebook.  Customers can make comments about various foods or experiences.  Also, customers can use the website to make reservations 48 hours in advance of when they would be dining.  It makes eating out convenient and easy because customers will always know what is on the menu.

Customers can also use Chef Dato’s Table for their catering needs.  The restaurant is able to accommodate as many as 120 people for wedding receptions, banquets, and parties.  If your party is more than 120, the restaurant offers off-site catering at a location of your choice for as many people as you wish.

Hours and Location

Hours of operation are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 11am – 9pm; Friday and Saturday from 11am – 10pm; and Sunday from 10am – 2pm.  The restaurant is located at 645 Route 217 in Latrobe.

Chef Dato’s Table


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