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The Cooperative Divorce Center

The Cooperative Divorce Center at Noble Mediation, LLC
Divorce Need Not End in Disaster
Avoid Huge Legal Bills
You Control the Schedule
Maintain Your Privacy
You Decide, not the Court!
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Specializing in Family Law Mediation

Divorce, Custody, Support, and Equitable Distribution

The alternative to traditional divorce litigation – a choice you can make

When it comes to divorce or custody, most people think that they only have two choices – hire a lawyer that they can’t afford or try to represent themselves in court. There is a choice that may be better for you – divorce mediation.

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a confidential process involving a neutral third party known as a mediator. Parties involved in a dispute, such as a divorce, enter into mediation to discuss the issues – off the record – on a private, voluntary basis.

The mediator encourages and acts as an aid in the resolution of the dispute. As part of the process, the mediator assists the parties in identifying issues, fostering joint problem solving, and exploring settlement alternatives.

Mediation is non-adversarial and informal with one objective – helping the disputing parties to reach a voluntary, mutually acceptable resolution and agreement. Mediations are conducted away from the courthouse in a private setting. During the mediation session, the disputing parties enjoy the opportunity to speak and be heard. Your mediator works with you to develop and consider possible solutions toward a mutually agreeable resolution that, ultimately, is put into written form in clear and understandable language.
In Divorce Mediation, the ultimate decision always remains within your control.

Benefits of Divorce MediationThe Cooperative Mediation Center

  • Control – the outcome remains your decision.  You decide when to say yes, not a judge or hearing officer;
  • Savings – traditional divorce litigation typically requires a substantial retainer, followed by seemingly unending attorney billable hours.  Mediation typically involves a set expense up front;
  • Faster – you determine the scheduling and time frame – no unnecessary waiting for delayed court dates;
  • Privacy – confidential discussions take place privately in the mediator’s office or in a neutral conference room, not a public courtroom on the record;
  • Less Emotionally Draining – in mediation, the spouses work together in private with the mediator, not against each another in public;
  • Minimizes Impact on Family – mediation is a non-confrontational, solution-oriented process, always mindful of the impact on the extended family members;
  • Marriage Settlement Agreement – the start of a legally-binding document that you create together toward an amicable dissolution and civil future;
  • Fresh Start – when all the issues are addressed in this common sense, out-of-court fashion, you and your family can move forward much more easily;

Avoiding Huge Legal Bills and Never-ending Divorce Litigation – the Right Choice for You.

  • Do you want to remain in control of your future, rather than letting a judge “flip a coin?”
  • Are you more interested in “moving on” than airing your marital difficulties in public?
  • Would like to save as much as 80% of the cost of traditional divorce?
  • Do you want a settlement that respects the needs and rights of everyone?
  • Do you hope to continue a loving relationship with your children long after the divorce?
  • Do you want to protect and preserve your children’s emotional health?
  • Do you value the needs of the entire family while avoiding emotional scarring?
  • Do you want to reach an equitable settlement with dignity and integrity?

Controlling the “True Cost” of Divorce

What is Cooperative Divorce?

Cooperative Divorce is a method of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).

It is designed to assist divorcing couples who need the representation of trained, experienced professionals, but want to avoid the damage caused by the conflict of litigation.

Your Bridge to Readjustment
Your Bridge to Readjustment

The “True Cost” of Divorce

Divorce is about so much more than money and property. Emotional scars can affect you, your children, families and friends on both sides for many years to come. Legal battles over money and custody often drag on for years. Your next relationship, even your life, may be overshadowed by the loss of dignity and integrity which can ensue when divorcing parties obsess over “winning” at any cost.

The trained professional mediators at the Cooperative Divorce Center have experience in resolving the many issues of separation and divorce through the use of non-confrontational, dispute resolution approaches, minimizing both the financial and the emotional cost of traditional divorce.

Our Mediators

All of the attorneys serving as mediators at The Cooperative Divorce Center are certified in Divorce and Family Mediation, approved by the Association for Conflict Resolution, including 40 hour basic mediation training and all are Founding Members of the Westmoreland Mediation Academy.

Service Area

The Cooperative Divorce Center at noblemediation, LLC is located in downtown Greensburg, just a few blocks from the Westmoreland County Courthouse. Free parking available. Serving clients throughout Western Pennsylvania.

Find a Cooperative Divorce Professional

To schedule or inquire about a mediation, please contact Jeananne Collins directly at
724-838-SAVE (7283), or email

You may also contact the following experienced mediators from the Westmoreland Mediation Academy for your FREE consultation.

John Noble, esq.
Phone: 724-396-2543

Margaret “Peggy” Tremba, esq.
Phone: 724-838-7600

Cooperative Divorce: for the good of the family and the long term emotional health of all.

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