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Environmental and Geotechnical Services, including site assessments and remediation for industrial, commercial, and residential real estate.

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Serving clients in the Pittsburgh Area and Southwestern Pennsylvania, including Allegheny County, Armstrong County, Indiana County, and Westmoreland County

Professional Geologist

Phase I Environmental Assessments

Phase II Environmental Assessments

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Geotechnical Investigations

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The mission at Cribbs & Associates, Inc. has always been to provide quality environmental and geotechnical consulting services based on honest and fair business principles. However, to meet the budgetary needs of our clients in today’s increasingly harsh financial climate, we have endeavored to make Cribbs & Associates the most cost effective consulting group in Western Pennsylvania.

In order to accomplish this, Cribbs & Associates has recently invested in substantial equipment and personnel training to enable us to provide complete consulting services without the need to subcontract large portions of the work.

Most notable was the addition of a complete drilling services group with the equipment and knowledge required for conducting environmental and geotechnical drilling projects completely in-house.

By doing so, we are better able to control costs to ensure that our client’s budgets are maintained, even when unexpected changes in scope are encountered. Almost all of our larger competitors in the region are required to subcontract their drilling services. Cribbs & Associates possesses the unique capability of providing all the services of some of the larger regional consulting firms with the low overhead efficiencies of a smaller company which allow us to provide our services at significantly discounted prices.

  • Certified Professional Geologist
  • Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments
  • Remedial Design and Implementation
  • UST/AST Compliance, Removal, Closure
  • Act 2 Liability Release
  • Geotechnical Investigations

Environmental assessments and the ability to remediate (clean up) contamination are indispensable in today’s real estate environment. Whether your interest is in property transfers, real estate acquisition and development, or State and Federal regulations now govern a wide range of compliance and permitting issues. From the purchase of a new home to the sale of commercial real estate, Cribbs & Associates, Inc. is your source for experienced and reliable environmental services.

Professional Geologist

Gary Cribbs holds a professional geologist license (License #PG004534). As per Title 49, Chapter 37 of the Pennsylvania Code, any person conducting Professional Geologic Work in the state of Pennsylvania must be licensed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, State Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs. Professional Geologic Work is described as the performance of geological services including technical completeness reviews or inspections that require the utilization, application and interpretation of fundamental and practical principles of the geological sciences. In addition all reports submitted to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP) containing any form of geologic or hydrogeologic interpretation must be reviewed and stamped by a certified Professional Geologist.

Phase I Environmental AssessmentsCribbs & Associates Trucks

According to the 2002 Brownfield Revitalization Act, in order to qualify for CERCLA liability protection, property purchasers must conduct “All Appropriate Inquiries” (AAI) prior to taking title of the subject property. Subsequently, the US Environmental Protection Agency Ruling 40 CFR Part 312, which took effect on November 1, 2006, recognized the revised ASTM Standard E 1527-13 as an acceptable guidance document for satisfying the AAI due diligence process. Therefore, Cribbs & Associates, Inc. conducts all Phase I Environmental Assessments according to ASTM Standard E 1527-13.

Cribbs & Associates, Inc. is committed to providing our clients with the most thorough and cost effective Phase I Investigations possible to minimize the environmental risks associated with real estate transfers.

Phase I Environmental Assessments are comprised of visual site inspections, Federal, State, and private record searches as well as interviews with municipal officers, current and historical owners and/or employees, etc. As required by the new ASTM standard, all Phase I activities are conducted by Environmental Professional who meet the new qualification and certifications mandated in the recent EPA ruling.

Phase II Environmental AssessmentsPhase II Photo

Phase II Environmental Assessments are conducted to assess environmental impacts to the soil and/or groundwater. A typical scope of work for a Phase II investigation would include such tasks as drilling, soil sampling, groundwater monitoring well installation, groundwater sampling, aquifer characterization tests, vapor screening, and the accompanying laboratory analyses. A complete and concise Phase II Environmental Assessment Report is prepared including a detailed delineation of the effected media, ground water modeling, fate and transport analysis, and recommendations as to the most appropriate remedial alternatives.

Remedial Design and Implementation

Cribbs & Associates, Inc. has the experience to design and implement a wide variety of remedial procedures, bringing your property into compliance with federal, state, and local regulations.

Remediation techniques may include groundwater recovery and treatment, dual phase extraction systems, soil removal and disposal, enhanced bio-remedial attenuation, etc. Cribbs & Associates, Inc. utilizes its vast experience in the assessment, remediation, waste transportation, and waste disposal industries to provide its clients with the most cost effective and efficient remedial alternatives.

UST/AST Compliance. Removal/Closure

Cribbs & Associates is licensed by the PADEP to perform UST removals, installations, and modifications (Company Certification #1717)

Cribbs & Associates, Inc. provides complete Underground Storage Tank (UST) and Aboveground Storage Tank (AST) compliance services.

Services include:

  • Development of SPCC plans  (spill prevention, control and countermeasures)
  • PPC plans (preparedness, prevention, and contingency)
  • SPR plans (spill prevention response)

Site Specific Installation Permits also require a full geologic investigation by a licensed Professional Geologist.
Cribbs & Associates Inc. also provides complete removal/closure services of USTs and ASTs. Removal services include confined space vessel entry cleaning, removal, transportation and disposal of storage tanks. All activities are overseen by the certified storage tank inspectors and all associated environmental assessment activities are overseen by a licensed Professional Geologist.Cribbs & Associates Inc. provides complete removal/closure services for USTs and ASTs.

Property owners dealing with underground storage tank cleanups may also be eligible for USTIF funding (Underground Storage Tank Indemnification Fund). Approximately 1 penny for every gallon of gas purchased in Pennsylvania goes into this fund for environmental assessment and remediation of UST facilities, but eligibility and fund procurement can be an exacting process. At Cribbs & Associates, Inc., we possess both demonstrated skill and experience in obtaining USTIF funding.

Act 2 Liability Release

The Pennsylvania Land Recycling and Remediation Standards Act (Act 2) encourages the remediation and reuse of contaminated industrial and commercial sites. Redevelopment of existing sites already integrated into the local infrastructure of utilities, water lines, sewers, and roads is a cost-effective alternative to new construction and helps preserve virgin land.

Act 2 provides uniform remediation standards and review procedures, with cleanup plans geared to the actual risk of contamination from a specific site. Under Act 2, sites can be cleaned to the highest state-wide standards for residential use, or can be maintained for non-residential and industrial use at less stringent standards. An Act 2 Liability Release provides current and subsequent future property owners with liability release for impacted properties.

Geotechnical Investigations

Cribbs & Associates, Inc. is experienced in providing the highest quality geotechnical investigations for both commercial and residential construction projects. These projects typically involve soil boring and rock coring activities to obtain classification data including density/consistency, USCS classifications, moisture, plasticity, cohesiveness, and rock quality designations for the determination of bearing capacity and lateral load capacity of the subsurface material. This data can then be utilized to supplement foundation designs and determine site preparation requirements.

Cribbs & Associates, Inc. also provides litigation support for landslide victims and construction oversight services for contractors and homeowners. At Cribbs & Associates, all field work is performed by a Professional Geologist and all reports are prepared and stamped by a Professional Engineer licensed in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.Drilling Rig

Geothermal HVAC Installations

A ground-source heat pump (sometimes called a “geothermal heat pump”) provides heating and air conditioning by moving heat energy between your house and the earth. A ground-source heat pump (GSHP) system can provide heating, cooling and humidity control. It may also provide water heating, either to supplement or replace conventional water heaters. They use the constant temperature of the earth as the exchange medium to provide Eco-Friendly, high-efficiency heating and cooling options. Each of our Installers has over 10 years of experience installing GSHP systems and every one of our systems is designed by an International Ground Source Heat Pump Association (IGSHPA) Certified Installer. We are registered with the Office of Attorney General of Pennsylvania as a Home Improvement Contractor (License PA123716) and we are fully insured.

Service Area

An environmental consultant located in Delmont, PA, Cribbs & Associates, Inc. offers environmental site assessment and remediation services throughout the Pittsburgh region and Southwestern Pennsylvania, including Allegheny County, Armstrong County, Indiana County, and Westmoreland County.

Cribbs & Associates, Inc. Environmental and Geotechnical Services for Southwestern PA.