Culligan Water Offers Customers Clean, Fresh Water

Culligan Water Offers
Customers Clean, Fresh Water

Culligan Water of Greensburg

by Karen Fetter

culligan-waterWater is natural. It keeps us clean, refreshed, and healthy. So taking care of your water supply should be a number one priority for you and your family. Culligan Water of Greensburg can help you do just that!

We design water systems to meet the needs of our customers,’ said Neal Dana, manager of Culligan Water. ‘We offer residential, commercial, and industrial services, all the way from bottled water to customized water filtration. We service most brands, not just our own, and we’ve been a part of Westmoreland County for over 50 years.’

Culligan Water has been a part of our community since 1950 and is trusted by businesses and residents throughout Westmoreland County and its surrounding areas. They provide water for commercial, residential, and industrial uses. Their filtration and treatment systems work for both well water and city water. Culligan Water of Greensburg is conveniently located at 145 Tollgate Road in Greensburg so customers can pick up supplies, equipment, and water. You can call them at 724-834-5080, or visit them online at

‘If a person has never experienced soft water, then they don’t know what they are missing,’ said Neal. ‘Often the people who request water treatment systems have experienced soft water on a vacation or trip, or from living in a location that had soft water.’

Soft water is cleaner. Showers do not get as dirty and you do not need as much water to get things clean. Neal says the difference is amazing.

Culligan Water does a free water analysis to help determine what your water contains. Based on what is found, filters can be added under sinks and in the basement where the main water supply enters the home. Filters can eliminate chlorine and other substances that make water hard.

Hard water is the most common water problem that exists. Hard water leaves spots on your dishes and glasses, leaves your laundry dull, and leaves soap scum behind in showers and bathtubs. Hard water contains minerals such as calcium and magnesium. Culligan Water softeners can help reduce the soapy residue left behind by hard water.

As a result, your hair can be shinier, skin softer, and laundry brighter. Your water flow will be better and your energy costs reduced.

Once Culligan Water adds a water system, the most important thing to do is to make sure that it is maintained properly. If routine maintenance is not performed then the system will not function properly. As a courtesy, Culligan Water reminds its customers of when maintenance should be performed. Customers can then pick up materials as needed or they can be delivered upon request.

‘We stand behind our products. We supply all the parts needed and our customers can rely on us always being here,’ said Neal. ‘We even replace or update equipment that is outdated. Customers can decide what they would prefer to do.’


Another familiar service Culligan Water offers is drinking water stations. Each station holds a five gallon container. The station can release hot or cold water. According to Neal, many people like the taste of the water and enjoy having the filtered water in their home. Water is important to the health of many. Doctors recommend at least 8 glasses of water per day. It is a drink that helps people’s bodies remain healthy.

Culligan water is ideal for use in watering plants, making baby bottles, freezing ice cubes, brewing coffee and tea, cooking, and for ironing.

There are other options to having filtered water in your home. Culligan Water offers a reverse osmosis system that attaches to your existing faucet. Reverse osmosis uses a series of filters to reduce many microscopic impurities and chemical elements. Chlorine and odor are removed from the water and multiple faucets can be attached in different locations.

Culligan Water also offers bottomless water coolers. People enjoy the taste of carrying bottled water with them, but creating plastic bottles wastes an extreme amount of fossil fuel. Did you know that manufacturing plastic bottles uses over 47,000,000 gallons of oil every year? Culligan’s ‘bottomless water cooler’ has a point of use water system that delivers chlorine free drinking water. You don’t have to worry about changing water bottles or storing large containers.

Any one of these options results in crystal clear Culligan water. It is easy and hassle free, because Culligan delivers to your door step or offers professional installation. Culligan even reminds you when you need to renew your water supply or have maintenance performed on your filtration system.

Regardless of the water system you select, Culligan Water Conditioning of Greensburg offers several payment options for customers. Equipment, systems, and softeners have a convenient rental plan or they can be purchased outright. After your free analysis is complete, Culligan Water will provide a recommendation based on your situation and your budget. Then you can select the option that works best for you.

Call Culligan Water at 724-834-5080 and find out which Culligan Water service would work best for you and your family. Visit the website at

Culligan Water Conditioning of Greensburg, PA.


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