Dr. Scott Hudimac

Dr. Scott Hudimac

by Karen Fetter

dr-scott-216Many people don’t look forward to going to the dentist once a year let alone twice. But with today’s technology and new techniques, the experience can be better than ever. Dr. Scott Hudimac is a local dentist that incorporates all of these things into his practice.

Located in Latrobe along Route 981, Westmoreland County, Dr. Hudimac wants to make sure that each patient has the correct dental care. His office provides everything from teeth whitening, oral conscious sedation and dental emergencies to crowns, implants and typical checkups and prevention methods.

But what makes Dr. Hudimac stand out from other dentists is the extra time he gives to all of his patients along with the immense amount of education that he continues to get each year to make sure he knows the latest content in the field. These extra hours of education that go far beyond the 40-hour state minimum requirement allow Dr. Hudimac to perform procedures in his office that he otherwise would have to refer to other specialists such as root canals and dental implants. But it also allows him to use better materials and equipment to make the experience as smooth as possible.

Putting Your Mind and Mouth at Ease

As soon as a patient walks through the door he or she feels at ease in Dr. Hudimac’s office. He says he doesn’t have a “waiting room” because he plans on being on time for his appointments. But he has a reception area that allows the patient to get comfortable in cushioned chairs in anticipation for the appointment. Next, his staff is friendly and helpful and listens to all the patients concerns. Once Dr. Hudimac sees the patient he wants to provide as much care as possible. He is not concerned with meeting a strict time restraint where he must see a certain amount of patients per hour. Rather, he gives of his time and in most cases that can be an hour or more per visit.

Each patient has a full exam and Dr. Hudimac assesses the steps in which the patient needs to take to make sure he or she has the optimal dental health. Furthermore, the office makes follow-up calls to patients asking them about their experience and if they have any questions.

The Latest Dental Tech

According to Dr. Hudimac, knowledge of technology can help make it easier to make a correct diagnosis. While it’s not possible to have every single piece of technology he does have some of the latest devices that give his practice a leading edge over others. For instance, he has a laser cavity detector and a small intra oral camera the size of his thumb to take pictures of cavities and gum problems. The images then appear on a computer screen. This form of early detection helps patients not have bigger problems in the future. He also can perform digital x-rays that provide a better ability to diagnose problems, to communicate with the patient, and which give significantly less radiation to the patient by 80 percent.

He also has an intra oral scanner for crown impressions. This particular technology allows him to use a computer to create a virtual model of the tooth rather than a typical putty impression. This scan is then implemented into digital software that creates the design for a crown. Dr. Hudimac is able to be more precise, the patient is less uncomfortable, and the he gets the crown back much faster from the lab resulting in less time the patient has to wear a temporary crown.

“I’ve always believed that if you can find a way that is faster, better, or easier then you should consider using a new form of technology,” said Dr. Hudimac.

Education and Experience Make all the Difference

These new forms of technology are always backed up with education. Dr. Hudimac travels extensively to attend conferences, lectures, and seminars on the latest in dental education. Dr. Hudimac joined the Academy of General Dentistry in 2001, an organization known for education and helping dentists stay up-to-date after dental school. Not only has Dr. Hudimac attained the Fellowship level, which is 500 hours of continuing education followed by a six-hour exam, but he has also attained the Mastership level. This level requires 600 more hours of continuing education. Both levels teach a broad base of education across all areas of dentistry. He received this level five years ago.Dr. Hudimac hard at work

In addition to these credentials, Dr. Hudimac has taken a series of courses through the Spears Education Center in Scottsdale, Arizona. These courses are different than lectures because it allows the dentist to learn by doing the procedures on a model.  And most recently, Dr. Hudimac completed an online implant residency through DentalXP.  This year long course required 300 hours of education through 11 modules that emphasized dental implant technology.

“I wanted to feel more comfortable with doing implants and felt this extra education would help me and it has,” said Dr. Hudimac. “I will do everything I can for a patient within my office. But if I recognize that a certain aspect of their treatment would be better handled by a specialist at least I know what they are doing and will be able to communicate with them about it.”

When Dr. Hudimac performs his own dental implants he uses a CT scan that gives a three dimensional view of the bone and uses a surgical guide to help position the implant as best as possible. Dr. Hudimac states that implants last longer than bridges and is the wave of the future for missing teeth.

If you haven’t been to the dentist in over six months or would like to try a new dentist, consider visiting Dr. Hudimac’s office. Visit www.ScottHudimacDDS.com or call 1-866-300-3812 today to start a new outlook on going to the dentist.


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