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Driveway Dumpsters offers a unique service to the Pittsburgh area and throughout Westmoreland County. They provide downsized dumpsters appropriate for many routine home improvements, cleaning, and remodeling projects.

The Advantages of Using Driveway Dumpsters are:

  • Their downsized, 10 cubic yard roll-off boxes are less expensive.
  • Onsite within one to two days of your call.
  • By using smaller trucks and dumpsters, Driveway Dumpsters can negotiate alleys and driveways, setting the box closer to your cleanup for easier trash removal.
  • In over 7 years of operation, they haven’t cracked a single driveway.
  • Driveway Dumpsters is fully insured, licensed by the Department of Environmental Protection, and by Allegheny and Westmoreland County Health Departments.
  • Efficient, but not small: great for jobs from two tons to three and a quarter tons.
  • No late fees. At Driveway Dumpsters, customer service is second to none.
  • Always someone friendly to talk to and to deal with on site.
  • Onsite labor for loading provided as needed (extra charge).

When you call Driveway Dumpsters, never hesitate to ask if they are the right service for you. Driveway Dumpsters provides free quotes, and can answer your questions regarding any trash removal project.

Call Driveway Dumpsters at 412-760-1468 or 724-668-8680, or visit their website at

In many communities, garbage and trash removal has become restrictive. You are limited to a certain number of bags, or can dispose of only one large item per week. What do you do with that old washer and dryer, the broken hot-water heater, the old rugs and the ratty couch?

We live in the age of home improvement, where Lowes and Home Depot have given everyman the ability to remodel. From kitchens and bathrooms to shingling the roof, you can do it all. But how do you dispose of the trash and debris?

The smaller size and maneuverability of Driveway Dumpsters’ trucks make them perfect for general contractors performing work in tight areas, or where access to trash is through alleyways or tight driveways. They routinely provide rubbish and garbage removal service for home owners, landlords, real estate agents, estate executors, general contractors, small businesses, and under contract to other trash removal services where one or more of our 10 cubic yard roll-off boxes proves ideal.

Driveway Dumpsters is located in New Alexandria, PA and is owned by Mike and Kelly Poholsky. Mike has been in the rubbish business for 21 years, starting out with Browning-Ferris Industries (BFI). Along the way he has worked with Tri-Valley Waste Systems (aka Mid-American Waste Systems) and Chambers Development (aka U.S.A. Waste and Waste Management).

Seven years ago, Mike decided to invest his years of experience in a business of his own. Then working 12 hours a day for his employer, Mike put together a few more hours, here and there, to create Driveway Dumpsters. Starting with a single truck and a little trailer, Driveway Dumpsters began a service which quickly grew in popularity.

Mike freely admits that he could not have made a success of it without the aid of his wife Kelly and sons David & John. Kelly not only helped manage the business, but provided a tremendous amount of emotional support and understanding, especially during the long hours that Mike was away from home. David and John proved to be a dedicated and talented work crew when their parents needed them most.

With many remodeling and renovation do-it-yourselfers tackling their own home remodeling project, garage clean-up, and yard-work projects, there is a need for smaller dumpsters delivered closer to the project site, often in alleys and small driveways. With community garbage services becoming more restrictive all the time, there is a need for a reasonably priced alternative for cleanup projects and disposal of old furniture, appliances, and the like.

Give Driveway Dumpsters a Try!
Call Driveway Dumpsters at
412-760-1468 or 724-668-8680 or
Visit the website at

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