Galaxy Stone Serves Pittsburgh for over 25 Years! 

 Galaxy Stone Serves Pittsburgh
for over 25 Years! 

Covering Concrete in Westmoreland County
and the Pittsburgh Area Since 1989!

Galaxy Stone of PittsburghGorgeous. Unbelievably attractive. When was the last time you heard such words used to describe a walkway or patio surface?

Anywhere you have a “drab slab” of concrete, Galaxy Stone of Pittsburgh can dress up your walkway, garage floor, patio surface, or even your basement with attractive and long lasting epoxy stone flooring.

Galaxy Stone is a challenge to describe. Imagine the finest river gravel nature can provide, all natural stones that have been sized, washed, and kiln dried.

Galaxy Stone Interior ApplicationSorted into a rich variety of colors, from light and dark applications to chocolate and ivory varieties, or even specialties like Texas and Alabama Rainbow, these stones become the basis for a remarkable resurfacing mix.

A space age epoxy aggregate system and the work of skilled applicators does the rest. The result is a durable, eye-pleasing elegance that will set off your in-ground pool like a gemstone, or provide an attractive, slip-resistant surface on the walkway to your front door. This surface withstands heavy traffic, even the weight of vehicles, and can be enhanced with decorative borders and designs. To see pictures of this amazing concrete resurfacing system, visit Galaxy Stone’s website at

Galaxy Stone, garage applicationWestmoreland County is home to one of the most experienced epoxy stone flooring dealers in the nation. With a 26 year history installing epoxy stone flooring locally, Ross Citriniti and his crew at Galaxy Stone keep busy all summer long installing one decorative masterpiece after another.

At first, stone flooring was merely a sideline for Ross. With 20 years of body shop work behind him, Ross Citriniti came upon the stone flooring industry by accident. While on vacation in Florida, he answered an ad to look at a car, but the salesman’s driveway, indeed much of his backyard had been resurfaced with a product called Galaxy Stone. Ross immediately forgot about the car and went on to purchase a Galaxy Stone franchise for the entire state of Pennsylvania. At first his Galaxy Stone work took second place, as a sideline to the body shop, but soon the growing demand for Ross’s expertise with this remarkable product took him beyond Galaxy Stone to found Pittsburgh’s best epoxy stone flooring service: Galaxy Stone.

Galaxy Stone Sunroom“Westmoreland County and Pittsburgh are the best places in the country to work,” said Ross Citriniti. “It’s true that people here will smile and talk to you, wherever you meet them. And with Galaxy Stone, we’ve had customers so happy, they will give you a hug. Our crew was recently invited to a picnic on a patio we resurfaced. We deliver fantastic results with patios; however, in recent years there has been a growing interest in garage and basement flooring, even kitchen floors using Galaxy Stone.”

Most applications of Galaxy Stone can be completed in one or two days, with very little impact on landscaping. Minor cracks in concrete are covered right over, and the surface can be walked on within eight hours. It’s the perfect solution for any drab, concrete surface that is beginning to show its age. Why endure a week of jackhammering to dress up a few cracks in your patio? Galaxy Stone is the perfect solution, and a non-skid application is available to boost the safety of this attractive product.

“Pittsburgh winters will not damage Galaxy Stone,” Ross continued. “This product has 25% elasticity. It will flex as the concrete moves due to heat and cold. Water passes right through the aggregate and drains as it did before the Galaxy Stone was applied. I’ve seen snow melt away from it after the initial layer was removed with a plastic shovel.” As far as care and maintenance go, the use of salt in winter is not advised, but calcium chloride is acceptable to keep the ice at bay. Resealing the product every two or three years helps maintain Galaxy Stone’s natural luster. In the rare event that Galaxy Stone itself is ever damaged, repair is an exceptionally easy process which results in a once again seamless and beautiful surface.

What sets Galaxy Stone of Pittsburgh apart from its competitors is experience.

With more than a 25 years installing this decorative product locally, Ross and his team know what works best and how to assure that your investment in Galaxy Stone will remain a long-lasting source of beauty and added value to your home. Look for Ross Citriniti and Galaxy Stone of Pittsburgh at shows like the Duquesne Light Home & Garden Show. Or give Ross a call. He will be glad to answer all of your questions and help you see if Galaxy Stone is answer for you.

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