Greengate Animal Clinic

Greengate Animal Clinic

Veterinarian Services
for Cats and Dogs since 1970.

Did you know that four out of every ten Americans enjoys the companionship of a dog, or that 30% of US households own at least one cat, with many owning two or more? A little research on the Internet shows that cat and dog owners spend, on average, from $100 to $200 per year looking after the health of their pets. Just as when choosing a doctor for our own health, it is important to work with a veterinarian who is not only qualified but personable, someone willing to work with you in maintaining the health of your pet.

Dr. Sheila Selznick of Greengate Animal Clinic in Greensburg prides herself on that personal touch. When she can, Dr. Selznick often answers the phone herself, and her experience goes back more than thirty years, having opened her practice in Greensburg in October of 1970. Working exclusively with dogs and cats, she knows that every family has its own story, its own special relationship with a pet needing treatment. Recently Dr. Selznick has seen everything from a puppy that fractured its leg while jumping for a ball to a cat that swallowed a refrigerator magnet. Greengate Animal Clinic is a full service veterinary hospital, offering medical treatment and surgical procedures.

“Our customers come mainly from the Greensburg and Jeannette areas,” Dr. Selznick explained, “but we have had pets brought in from Pittsburgh, Monroeville, and Ligonier.” Dr. Selznick came to the area originally as a large animal veterinarian working with racehorses, but the need to settle down and raise a family led to the opening of the Greengate Animal Clinic and her current vocation providing care and treatment for cats and dogs. Dr. Selznick’s love of horses remains, and she still includes time for them in her personal life when she can, and has even traveled to Ireland to visit with some of her favorite breeds. In her free time, Dr. Selznick also breeds border collies; though these litters are often sell out by word of mouth alone.

At the Greengate Animal Clinic, the most frequently asked question revolves around that old mystery: how do dog and cat years relate to people years? According to Dr. Selznick, the relationship is roughly seven to one, but decreases as our pets age. In a middle-aged animal, it’s approximately five dog or cat years to one human year.

If you are looking for a full-service veterinary hospital with a personable staff and a veterinarian willing to work one on one with you in caring for the health of your dog or cat, please give Greengate Animal Clinic a call. We are proud to have them listed as a Great Place in Westmoreland County.

Greengate Animal Clinic is open Monday through Friday, by appointment. Located on Route 130 East near Seton Hill College in Greensburg.

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