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Got Clutter? Get Organized!

Are you surrounded by clutter? Are you swimming in a sea of paperwork? Do you always find yourself searching for the things you need? Are you frustrated by too much to do and not enough time to do it? If so, then the services of In Its Place might be just what you need. Based in Greensburg, In Its Place serves Westmoreland County and nearby communities.

In Its Place provides a wide range of organizational assistance for both business and residential clients. In the home, In Its Place helps to eliminate clutter in any room from attic to basement, and provides help to those who are moving or are ready to downsize. In the workplace, In Its Place helps improve efficiency and productivity by better organizing work areas, establishing functional filing systems, and streamlining work flow. Both one-time and maintenance services are available.

In Its Place is owned by Jody Adams, a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers. Her methods are based on the needs of individual clients, rather than on a cookie-cutter approach to reducing clutter. “Each business and home is unique, with its own set of problems” she explains. “The results of clutter or disorganization may look the same from one home or office to the next, but the reasons and causes can vary. So, while helping my clients to eliminate clutter or to make a workspace more functional, I provide suggestions for maintaining an organized environment once the job has been completed. Organizing is about determining what works best for my clients and enabling them to reach their goals.” For some that may mean having more time to do the things they want to do; for others, it is to be able to work more efficiently.

Some residential clients have so much accumulated clutter that they are too embarrassed to invite guests in or allow friends to visit. It also makes them apprehensive about getting help. First and foremost, Jody assures clients of confidentiality and a nonjudgmental approach. In Its Place is there to help, not add to their discomfort.

“I not only address the problems of clutter and disorganization with clients but also show them how to avoid falling back into old patterns and habits that lead to clutter and disarray.”

Homes are often a challenge because spouses may share different views as to what is disorganized, or how much clutter is acceptable. In such cases, Jody employs the art of diplomacy to negotiate compromises that work for both partners.

Business clients may experience everything from inefficient processes to a messy office with random piles of correspondence, assignments, and forms. When an environment is so disorganized or chaotic, workers can have difficulty functioning efficiently and may even experience feelings of panic or depression. In addition to organizing the work area, Jody can review and revise office routines and create forms and filing systems as needed to keep things humming. She can also review ergonomic considerations to help ensure that the physical workspace is appropriately designed to meet the client’s needs.

Jody Adams began her career path toward professional organization without quite realizing it. As a youngster, Jody was very sentimental and tended to save everything, but her naturally organized spirit led her to catalog and store her treasures in small spaces in the most effective way. As an adult, Jody realized that organizing was more than just neatly storing and arranging all of her belongings; it also entailed letting go of items that no longer fit her life, or that no longer brought her joy. She found herself always helping friends and family members organize their rooms, and made the most of her talents in her previous jobs as an office assistant, case manager, and program coordinator. A few years ago, Jody began to wonder if anyone provided organizational services for a living. After much research and reading on the subject,, Jody decided to open her own business. In Its Place has been growing ever since.

As an introduction, Jody offers a free hour of consultation, during which time she evaluates the physical space and interviews the client to determine what is and is not working in their home or office. Jody then prepares a written proposal for the client’s consideration, and discusses any organizational supplies, such as shelving or containers that may be needed. Jody works hands-on with clients in minimum of three-hour sessions. Depending on the scope of the job and budgetary considerations, Jody can work within a designated number of hours, or over a period of time in ongoing sessions to help clients meet specific goals. Jody is available for evening and weekend appointments and work sessions.


“Jody made all the difference in my work life. Her efforts went beyond a little organization, although she certainly made the office more efficient. In Its Place made my life easier, made work so much better, made things flow so much better that it created a more relaxed and calming work environment. My mental state improved, allowing me to be less depressed and work at a level where I wanted to be. Jody has made a great difference in my work and in my life!”

— Gwen Loughner, WordCrafters

To see what Jody Adams of In Its Place can do for your home or business, please don’t hesitate to call her at 724-850-7282 or email her at She will be glad to show you her Before-and-After portfolio and to discuss your particular needs. Jody truly loves her work, as it allows her to meet many different people and to make a real difference in their lives. If you are overwhelmed by clutter, please remember that you are not alone.

Don’t allow clutter and disorganization to rule your life.

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