Joseph F. Ott Funeral Home  

Joseph F. Ott Funeral Home  

Providing for persons of all faiths, memorial services that are reverential, personalized, and affordable.

The Joseph F. Ott Funeral Home has served the Norwin Community (Irwin, North Huntingdon, and North Irwin) for over 50 years. Their services are inclusive of all faiths and religious beliefs, and the goal of the Joseph F. Ott Funeral Home is to create a personalized and appropriate remembrance.

“We know that your family deserves to be treated well in a meaningful atmosphere, regardless of whether that service is a traditional funeral or a cremation,” said owner John Ott. “We accommodate any family’s religious belief, whether they are Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Hindu, Agnostic, Moslem, or any of the World’s many great Faiths. Our purpose is to provide dignified services for the members of our community, of all faiths.”

Time-honored services include a traditional viewing, funeral, and mass. Funeral services can be conducted on site or in the church of your choice. They also provide a full range of cremation services.

“When deciding whether cremation is an appropriate alternative in your circumstances, please do not hesitate to consult with us, as we are always willing to answer the most delicate questions in a respectful manner, and to help you in choosing the best course of action for yourself and your family.”

Funeral Directors John Ott and Amy Glagola are ready to aid you in preplanning your funeral needs. These services include the collection of personal information, pre-arrangement of funeral wishes, and prepayment (often through insurance, trust funds, or whatever works in the best interests of the family). Both John and Amy carry an insurance license in order to aid families in creating insurance trusts that are Medicaid friendly.

Funerary products have truly come of age in the new century, and Joseph F. Ott Funeral Home offers a wide selection of products and services, from state-of-the-art caskets to the many cremation products now available, including traditional urns, keepsake jewelry, LifeGems, and more.

The Joseph F. Ott Funeral home offers video tape recording of funerals, and has longstanding relationships with exceptional musicians, including bagpipers, to bring the dignity of music to your service.

Memory portraits, personalized folders, and memorial cards are also offered.

Joseph F. Ott came to Irwin in 1954, after learning his trade at a family funeral home in Hastings, PA, known as Easley’s. Like many funeral homes of the day, Easley’s was part funeral home, part furniture store. It was a time when skilled tradesmen handcrafted furniture on-site, and, of course, produced caskets as well for the funerary side of the business.

Joseph fell in love with the Irwin area and purchased a local funeral home from the David Glunt family. He would work there for the rest of his life, becoming a well-known figure in the Irwin community.

In 1967, the Joseph F. Ott funeral Home underwent extensive remodeling, adding two spacious parlors, a reception area, and a casket display room. By 1987, Joseph’s son John had graduated from the Pittsburgh Institute of Mortuary Science and came to work at the funeral home. In 1995, John bought the business from his father and invested in another remodeling project, this time adding a beautiful chapel area with the capacity to comfortably seat 135 people. Also added or improved were an arrangement area, a state of the art casket selection room, and an arrangement meeting area.

The Joseph F. Ott Funeral Home also provides for your monument needs through the Norwin Monument Company, owned and operated by John Ott. The Norwin Monument Company was founded in order to better assist area families. Toward that end, the entire staff of the Joseph F. Ott Funeral Home has been well-trained in the monument side of the business, allowing them to aid in your selection of bronze and granite monuments, statuary, vases, and other personalized monuments.

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