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Aim for an optimal life and eliminate
unnecessary pain with NUCCA

by Karen Fetter

Back pain, headaches, and migraines. If you have tried everything and the pain just gets worse or you have been told that nothing can be done to fix it then consider visiting Dr. Timothy Strittmatter at Keystone Spinal Care in Greensburg.

“My goal is to get people to live an optimal life. Interference on the nervous system interrupts body functions. Pain progresses over time. I am generally my patient’s last hope. They used other resources and nothing worked,” said Dr. Strittmatter. “Then they experience the effects of NUCCA (National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association, Inc.).”

What is NUCCA?

Why does NUCCA work better than other chiropractic forms?

Dr. Strittmatter is the only chiropractor in western PA that can perform the NUCCA procedure. NUCCA is a holistic approach to well being. This adjustment, which is only performed in the neck, corrects spinal misalignment through the nervous system. People feel very little during the correction, but the effects are immediate. There is no other popping or cracking or movement with any other part of the body. The procedure is so mild that most people could sleep through the realignment. Dr. Ralph Gregory formed the NUCCA organization in 1966. The organization was formed to conduct seminars and to do extensive research on the procedure. It has helped thousands of people of all ages.

  • No popping or cracking
  • Corrects spinal misalignment
  • Effects are immediate

“A misalignment is as individual as fingerprints. I diagnose how to correct each individual person. The basis of the adjustment is from 3-dimensional x-rays,” said Strittmatter. Using physics and mechanical engineering, Dr. Strittmatter determines what is needed to realign the spine. There is no guesswork. “We are doing brain stem surgery without cutting,” according to Dr. Strittmatter.

A typical first visit at Keystone Spinal Care in Greensburg will begin with a detailed history of the client and extensive x-rays. The patient has the option to stay for the results and to get an adjustment or can reschedule a time to come back. The second part of the visit will be the analysis of the x-rays and the correction and then a post-x-ray to compare the results. On average both appointments together would last about 2 hours and 10 minutes.

  • Detailed history
  • 3-d x-rays
  • Post x-rays

“I have been witness to many miracles in my office,” said Strittmatter. “I want my patients to experience complete healing and prevent other illnesses. Most people enjoy pain relief, complete recovery, more restful sleep, a stronger immune system, proper organ functions, and increased performance and mental clarity.”

Using NUCCA, Strittmatter’s patients need to be seen 90% less often than other what other chiropractors recommend.

“Most people can hold my adjustments longer and as a result feel more permanent resolutions. Often clients say they had to go too often or did not feel the results after leaving traditional chiropractic appointments,” said Strittmatter.

Dr. Strittmatter tries to inform the community as much as he can about his NUCCA form of chiropractic by giving presentations to local clubs and offering seminars every Thursday at Keystone Spinal Care in Greensburg located at Greengate North Plaza.

“What I do is profoundly different than other chiropractors and is the most cost effective way to stay healthy,” said Strittmatter. Dr. Strittmatter accepts some insurance plans and offers payment plans when necessary.

Dr. Strittmatter received his chiropractic degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. There he decided that he was not satisfied with traditional chiropractic methods. As an elective he learned about NUCCA. Also since 1994, Dr. Strittmatter has been a certified athletic trainer who is a first responder for athletic injuries. As a result he feels very comfortable adjusting extremities when necessary.

If you want to fulfill your purpose and live an optimal life, it’s time to get healthy and stay that way. Consult with Dr. Strittmatter and Keystone Spinal Care in Greensburg today!

Call Dr. Timothy Strittmatter and find the root cause to your pain and experience the wonderful effects of NUCCA.

For more information call 724-216-9000.

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