Local Information for  Westmoreland County, PA

Local Information for
Westmoreland County, PA

Westmoreland County is home to industry, economic development, some of the most notable PA tourism sites, landscapes of stunning beauty, and communities proud of their local Pennsylvania histories.  In Westmoreland County, families retain a passionate sense of commitment to their communities.  From the Courthouse to the farmhouse, people believe in helping their neighbors and making them feel welcome.
Westmoreland County Courthouse

This website is supported by Westmoreland County businesses and agencies.  It represents a significant resource for visitors seeking information on Westmoreland County Businesses, Services, and Events.  Support the great local businesses and organizations in Westmoreland County.

Today, Westmoreland County is home to families and businesses marked by an inspiring commitment to their communities. People here believe in making their neighbors feel welcome and in extending a helping hand when circumstances require. Professionals willingly give back to the communities that have helped them succeed. Our Chambers of Commerce work to empower local entrepreneurs, so that their success may enrich the communities they serve.

Westmoreland County government encourages the investment and diversification of large industry, and the countys infrastructure and workforce remain healthy resources for any potential employer.

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