Local Sculptor

Local Sculptor

Displays Amazing Talent

by Scot Noel

Clifford Frederick DupillClifford Frederick Dupill is a modest guy. To meet him, you wouldn’t know that he studied sculpture a Poznan University and at the Florence Academy of Art in Italy, nor would he tell you that.  What you would learn quickly enough is how excited he is about the birth of his daughter, Ally, who arrived in late 2012 to fulfill the Dupill family’s most heartfelt Christmas wishes.
A resident of Delmont, Clifford is all about family, community, and of course the daily responsibility of running his own business and trying to make a living out of art.  He does the latter in two ways, working both as a sculptor and as a
master creator of hand sculpted garden decor.
When he’s sculpting, Clifford crafts his magic in 2-Dimensional and 3-Dimensional works of art using a variety of techniques: figurative, landscape, wildlife, realist, and abstract. These custom works of art are reproduced in a broad Sculptor - Womenrange of media, including cast metals, (bronze, copper, and nickel), glass, fiber reinforced concrete, cast stone, and more.  Learn more by visiting his sculptor’s website at www.cliffordfredericks.com.

As a creator of garden decor, Clifford custom designs sought after pieces like decorative stone fountains, colorful garden accents, stone benches, artful birdbaths, and more.  Learn more visiting his garden website at www.athena-garden.com.

Installations in the Community

Wolf Pack Sculpture at WCCC in YoungwoodYou may have seen Clifford’s work and not even known it.  One example is the large fountain at the Penn State New Kensington campus.  Another is the Wolf Pack Sculpture at WCCC in Youngwood.

“These are ways to express art and do something positive and lasting for community,” Clifford explained.

Noe’s Garden

One of the most meaningful pieces Clifford has provided was a contribution to The Children’s Home & Lemieux Family Center in Pittsburgh for “Noe’s Garden of Hope.” The garden is named after Noe Ott who died in 2009, at the age of 5 months, from a rare genetic disorder which caused heart complications. After Noe’s death, her parents decided to create a butterfly garden for other children to enjoy in Noe’s memory.

Noe’s GardenFor his part in the project, Clifford custom designed and helped install a large “Daisy” sculpture as the garden’s centerpiece.  You can watch the construction and completion of the garden on YouTube.

More than a Business

For Clifford, whether he is hard at work for a client or participating in a community project, sculpting is more than a business.  His focus is on creating new designs and services with integrity and with making a human connection through his art.

“We often not only have a personal connection with the product we produce but with the customer’s needs and with their families.  We seek not only to earn their business, but their friendship also.”

To catch up with Clifford, visit his social media websites:
www.facebook.com/athenagardeninc   and  pinterest.com/athenagardeninc

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