Petal a Memory

Petal a Memory

by Karen Fetter

Bride and Flower Girl

Bride and Flower Girl

With the wedding season upon us, many brides worry about preserving their flowers. Some brides may have them dried and placed in a flower dome that takes up space. Other may try to dry them on their own, while still others feel that preserving wedding flowers is more hassle than its worth.

Petal a Memory takes a new approach that is not only growing in popularity, but becoming the classiest way to preserve precious wedding memories, as well as offering an amazing keepsake for many other of life’s most important events.

One-of-a-Kind Flower Preservation

This one-of-a-kind business works to preserve fresh flowers from an important life event such as a wedding, funeral, holiday, dance, etc. and crafts them into an exquisite keepsake mat. Owner Michele Monstrola not only uses flowers, but also other mementos to carefully preserve and creatively arrange an artful presentation that delights each customer.

“Every mat is original because everyone is different,” said Michele. “I personalize each mat once I see what items I am working with from the customer. My creativity keeps growing each year and I continue to enjoy using new techniques to amaze my customers and even myself.”

When brides think of preserving their flowers they often just think about the flowers. However, at Petal a Memory it goes beyond that. Michele wants the entire day to be preserved and encompassed in the mat. That is why she asks for anything that is a special part of the day such as the wedding gown, bows, ribbons, pearls, rhinestones, feathers, burlap, and the invitation.

These items help to create the personalization that makes the mat unique. Sometimes during the consultation Michele might even make a recommendation of a material that the bride doesn’t have, but that Petal a Memory can supply.

There are photographs of Michele’s previously designed mats on her website as well as in her studio. However, Michele takes pride in her ability to custom design each mat for the personal joy of every new client.

Custom Designed by Michele Monstrola

Special Memories

Special Memories

“My customers trust me for the design. They see the work that I have done and rely on me to make the best design with the materials that I have,” said Michele. “My reward comes from the hugs and tears when they see the finished product. I also am rewarded from the abundant referrals from customers. That is how my business has grown.”

Petal a Memory is the only business of its kind that naturally preserves flowers without chemicals or preservative sprays so that they can be used to decorate frameable mats.

The flowers are air dried for approximately three weeks to preserve their color and character. In addition, Michele’s years of experience in creating unique designs is a service that cannot be found anywhere else.

Recently Michele has created vintage wedding mats using burlap, fringe, and ribbons. She said this type of design is growing in popularity thanks to her many years of experience with antiques.

The frameable mats do not just have to be for the bride alone to enjoy. Many brides order mats to give as gifts to their parents, grandparents, bridal party, and flower girls. The preservation is easy and most orders are ready within four to six weeks.

How to Order

How can you order your personalized mat through Petal a Memory? The best way to place an order is in person. You can call 866-383-4157 to make an appointment with Michele to discuss the material and design. You can also complete the contact information form online at or email directly at to make an appointment.

If an appointment does not work for you, flowers can also be mailed to the studio. However, a phone consultation is still necessary to place the order and to receive shipping instructions.

Once your wedding or special event has occurred there are some specific tips to follow in order to make sure your flowers are preserved beautifully. Never refrigerate, freeze, or bag your flowers. Doing so will prevent the flowers from drying the way that is needed for the mat. The best advice is to put the flowers in a vase with no water until you can get them to Petal a Memory as soon as possible. Even if time has passed and you still want to do something with your flowers, Michele tries to work with whatever condition your flowers may be in. Roses are the base for every mat and are on hand if the customer does not have enough.

There are four sizes of mats that fit standard photo frames, which include 5 x 7, 8 x 10, 11 x 14, and 16 x 20. In addition, custom orders are available as well as designs for collages. Prices begin at $35.00 including embellishments and increase with size. More information can found on the website( under pricing.

Mats are not the only form of flower preservation that Petal a Memory offers. Now there are glass keepsake ornaments! The ornaments include the dried flowers and other embellishments. These can make great Christmas presents while at the same time preserving a memory.

In addition to weddings, Petal a Memory also preserves flowers from funerals, memorials, holiday occasions, important milestones and moments. Take the opportunity to preserve your memories and create a keepsake that all will admire.

Call Petal a Memory today at 866-383-4157 for your own consultation and visit for ideas on how you can enhance your photos and keepsakes.

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