Ponsi Shoes

Ponsi Shoes

Specialized, Comfort Footwear and Supportwear from the Area’s Best Orthotic Supplier.

Does a foot injury or abnormality prevent you from walking in comfort? Ponsi Shoes, located along Route 30 in North Huntingdon, PA, has been treating customers to the best in custom and orthopedic footwear for three generations. A visit to a Certified Pedorthist at Ponsi Shoes could start you on the path to owning specialty shoes or custom orthotics, returning ease and comfort to what we often take for granted: the ability to walk.

Your stop at Ponsi Shoes starts with a friendly meeting. The first step is to sit down with one of the staff and determine what type of foot problem, foot deformity, or abnormality is causing trouble. Ponsi Shoes is not a fashion shoe store, after all, but is devoted to those requiring special footwear. A lot of time is dedicated to working with diabetics, arthritics, amputees, and anyone suffering from problems with their feet and legs. One amazing tool in the Ponsi Shoes arsenal is a computerized pressure mat. It can provide accurate information about any pressure point your feet experience, from an arch that is extremely high or low to a unique difference between one foot and the other. From this analysis of feet, gait, and pressure points, the next step is to take a foam impression of the foot, from which a plaster cast is created. Pressure points are exaggerated and special shoe inserts are created. Of course, the shoes involved are extra depth to accommodate the inserts, and the result is a comfortable and supporting fit that can relieve pressure on sensitive points, such as ulcers and calluses.

At Ponsi Shoes, they even have a work shoe, specially geared for those who work on their feet for prolonged periods and need help with comfort.

“The majority of our customers are referred by their doctor,” explained Joseph D. Ponsi II, C. Ped. “We work with people suffering from injuries to the leg, foot, and hips, often doing build-ups to provide relief. Ponsi Shoes has a full lab where we fabricate our own orthotics, as well an onsite repair shop where modifications and adjustments can be made. This onsite capability helps us insure a reasonable price.” As his title suggests, Joseph is a Certified Pedorthist, which can best be described as a pharmacist for foot care.

As a provider working closely with your insurance company, Ponsi Shoes completes the complex paperwork necessary to cover your custom footwear. Everyone knows how baffling and complicated dealing with insurance companies can be, and the staff at Ponsi Shoes is very experienced in working with your physician and insurance company to make certain that your custom footwear is covered by insurance if that is in any way possible. The custom footwear and orthotics provided by Ponsi Shoes are often covered by Medicare and many insurance companies.

Ponsi Shoes services customers all over the tri-state area. Under special circumstances, Ponsi Shoes makes home calls and hospital calls. This is done two days a week as they work with physicians, physical therapists, and occupational therapists to identify customers who may be homebound, living in a nursing home, or in the hospital.

It takes approximately two weeks to manufacture a custom orthotic. For walk-in customers, Ponsi Shoes maintains a selection of off the shelf orthopedic footwear, featuring the highest quality brands, such as The Comfort Series by Drew Shoe Corporation or P. W. Minor and their exciting styles, like Canfield, Xtra Depth, and Thermolds. Or you might try America’s Favorite Comfort Shoes from SAS Shoemakers. You’ll find there is no need to sacrifice great style and fabulous looks when buying special footwear.

“People will come in and spend quite a bit of time,” explained Filippa Raneri Ponsi, Joseph’s wife and Ponsi Shoes’ insurance expert. “An average visit can be 45 minutes to an hour. We work with them until it is right, no matter what. Often, we can tell from the wear pattern on their current shoes where the problem is.”

As you can tell, Ponsi Shoes is a family affair, with a proud history stretching back through three generations. Dizre Ponsi started the business in 1930, when the original shop was located in Braddock, PA. What began as a shoe repair store expanded to sell footwear by 1936. Over the years, the company’s basic philosophy of treating customers with concern and providing modifications geared for comfort resulted in the growth and success of Ponsi Shoes, now located in North Huntingdon.

Ponsi Shoes features a range of helpful products, from toe fillers and heel cushions to JOBST compression hosiery and support wear. For those suffering from tired and aching legs, JOBST has everything from pantyhose & knee high ultra sheer support stockings to athletic support socks for men. So whether you are dealing with varicose veins or swelling of the legs, calves, or ankles, the experts at Ponsi Shoes can help you find the perfect product.

If you have problems with your feet, Ponsi Shoes has the answer for you. You owe it to yourself to give them a call at 724-864-2210 and find out for yourself just how comfortable walking can be.

Ponsi Shoes is located at 13389 Route 30 in North Huntingdon, PA.

Visit our website for more information: www.ponsishoesinc.com

Regardless of your foot injury or abnormality,
let us help you walk in comfort.

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