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Shaw Plumbing

Reliable plumbing services
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Running late for his interview, George Shaw demonstrated the most important quality we want for our Great Places selections: customers come first! Serving all of Westmoreland County and parts of Allegheny County, Shaw Plumbing can accommodate your every plumbing need, from work on water, sewer, and gas lines to repairs on hot water tanks, faucets, toilets, sinks, and tubs. The owner, George Shaw, is a registered master plumber, and his company is fully insured.

Free estimates are given on any job, and George is always willing to discuss the options available to you. When work requires outside excavation, George can call upon a trusted landscaper to restore your property from muddy trench back to manicured lawn. “It’s all up to what the customer wants to spend,” George explained. “Everyone has a different budget. If the customer wants to reseed on his or her own, that’s OK too. As long as they know we are full service, and we won’t leave them looking for someone else to finish the job.”

Lately, many of George’s calls have involved hot water tank replacement or repair. Starting in July 2003, a new design for safer hot water tanks was phased in at all retailers, plumbing companies, and plumbing distributors. The new water heaters are designed to meet the safety standards mandated by the American National Standards Institute.

The purpose of the new hot water tank standards is to reduce number of house fires and explosions caused when fumes from flammable materials stored or used near hot water tanks catch fire. Fumes from gasoline, solvent based products like paints and stains are sometimes drawn into the open burners of hot water tanks, causing explosions. Burners in the new generation of hot water tanks are sealed and will not flash back.

A graduate of Central Westmoreland VoTech in New Stanton, George Shaw opened his plumbing business in May of 2001 after 8 years of honing his skills with another plumbing company. George likes to think that the care and concern he brings to each job are as important as his technical background and wide range of experience. Here is a testimonial from a recent customer who agrees:

“I was in the middle of a complicated plumbing mess and just couldn’t get any satisfaction from the original installer. Shaw Plumbing came highly recommended and I can certainly see why. George personally came on several occasions and just could not rest until my problem was resolved. He was very thorough and concerned about my problems. He told me that he stayed awake one night thinking about my problem and researching it for the appropriate answer. I am very pleased with the results and can’t recommend his services highly enough. If I need a plumber again, he will be the first and only one I call. He will get the job done, count on it.”

                 — Lois Y
                    North Huntingdon

If you have a plumbing project, anything from a leaky toilet to major work on a sewer line replacement, give Shaw Plumbing a call. George will be happy to provide you with a free estimate, make you aware of the options available to you, and complete the work in a conscientious and professional manner.


Shaw Plumbing, providing exceptional plumbing services for Westmoreland County

To contact Shaw Plumbing,
please call 724-861-5252,
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