The Face Place

The Face Place

Face-ing important skincare decisions  

by Karen Fetter

Tired of not knowing how to take care of your skin or what products to use? Then you need to go to a place that focuses on your skin and face – the Face Place! Whether your skin is acne- prone, has sun damage, roseacia, or is aging, owner and aestitician Kathy Soltys knows how to care for you.

“Everyone deserves to have a healthy complexion. I want that for all my clients more than anything,” said Kathy. “And after every success story, it’s wonderful to look back and see how much the skin has improved.”

Devotion is the key word when it comes to the Face Place. Kathy is very conscious of her customers’ needs and goals. As a result, she customizes each treatment and skin care plan to meet those goals in the timeliest manner. During the initial visit to the Face Place, each client is asked to fill out a questionnaire. This background helps Kathy identify the problem with the skin and how it was being treated. From there she can determine which service is best suited to reach the client’s goals.

There are many services that can improve the skin available at the Face Place such as facials, microdermabrasion, light peels, and waxing.

Facials deep-clean the skin and remove dead skin cells so your skin looks renewed. The Face Place offers four different types of facials: basic, European, anti-aging, and deep-pore cleansing for acne. Each facial involves a preliminary cleansing, exfoliation, and cleansing under steam. This process opens the pores and softens the tissue to prepare for extraction. Each facial varies from this point depending on what Kathy is trying to accomplish.

“I pick different treatments based on whether the client has wrinkles, discoloration, texture problems, or blemishes,” said Kathy.

Microdermabrasion is a skin resurfacing process that is good for fine lines and wrinkles. It rejuvenates the skin and stimulates more collagen. “It is designed to be progressive, not aggressive,” said Kathy. “But probably the best thing about it is that the client has no down time afterwards.”

Light therapy is another service that also stimulates collagen reproduction. It uses infrared light with different strengths and lengths. Light therapy can be used on any skin type by itself, with a facial, or with microdermabrasion.

And lastly, the Face Place offers waxing. Kathy said that waxing helps complete the look of the face by removing unwanted hair around the brow line or lip area. Waxing is complimentary if requested during a scheduled appointment.

The same concerns that keep clients coming to the Face Place are the reasons Kathy got involved in skin care. She had some acne problems when she was in her twenties as did her daughter when she was in her teens. While training to become an aestitician, Kathy learned how to help both of them achieve beautiful skin.

“Over the last five years since I started my own business, I have been building a foundation of knowledge and techniques. But I am constantly going back to learn more,” said Kathy.

She attends seminars to learn the latest theories and techniques to offer the best services to her clients. That is the same reason she has selected her line of products. The product lines are constantly researching and reformulating their products so they are up-to-date.

“I see the results with the products I recommend and I don’t believe in changing something if it works,” said Kathy.

Kathy’s clients use Peuvonia, Medicalia, Jan Marini, and Jane Iredale cosmetics, all of which can be purchased from the Face Place.

Overall, Kathy and the Face Place take skin very seriously.

“Skin care is therapeutic for the skin. Taking care of your skin is coming to the forefront, especially with young people who don’t have to worry about it yet. We are transforming from a culture that would cover the face up with makeup to one that doesn’t need makeup because the skin is beautiful,” said Kathy.

Kathy highly recommends sunscreen and not smoking, because both sun and smoking do extreme damage to the skin. But she also recommends a good skin care regimen and regular professional cleansings and extraction.

Make the change that you have been waiting for and visit the Face Place. Your skin will thank you.

Improving your complexion can be the answer to new-found confidence. The Face Place offers the expertise to start caring for your skin.

Call 724-537-6811 to set up your initial consultation.

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