Tom Pollard Designs

Tom Pollard Designs

Creates Commemorative Ornaments

by Karen Fetter

tom-pollard-ornamentsOne unusual way to commemorate a special community date, event, or historic building is with a stunning gold plated brass ornament.

Ornaments make the perfect keepsake and can be created using any message, theme, or image. One of the best places to find or create an ornament is at Tom Pollard Designs (also known as “America’s Ornament Maker.”) Tom specializes in producing fine gold plated brass ornaments. He has everything from Nationality and Patriotic ornaments to custom design ornaments for business, churches, and even weddings. All of his ornaments are crafted from the finest materials and made with exceptional attention to detail.

“Everything we make at Tom Pollard Designs tugs at someone’s heartstring or puts a smile on someone’s face. Our goal is to bring to life a bit of beauty and remembrance,” said Tom. “I try to deliver the best value I can.”

Tom Pollard Designs has three main departments.

The first department is Tom’s Ornament Store and includes collections of over a 100 pre-designed ornaments. This extensive collection includes photo frames, nationality, patriotic, animal, lighthouse, occupation, Pittsburgh, college, Amish, 3-dimensional ornaments, and more. The list continues to grow because each year Tom creates a new design.

“If I had to point to the one thing that really gave this company heart it was Sue Douglas. Sue was an artist that worked with me for 10 years before she passed away. Our deal with each other was that I would always have a new idea for her and that is how our collection really grew,” said Tom.

The second department is custom design. These ornaments are made to commemorate cities, churches, anniversaries, weddings, schools, and more. There are no limitations. The experienced artists work with customers to design a one-of-a-kind ornament that is complete with detail and precision.

“I review everything before it is shipped out to make sure it is of the utmost quality,” said Tom.

Designing and producing a custom ornament is an investment, but they are often resold to generate funds for anniversaries and commemorative occasions, for community milestones, historic events, distinctive awards, student clubs, military units, and sports clubs. They are also used as rewards or keepsakes for employees and volunteers. There is no end of uses.

The third department is fundraising. Custom or collectible ornaments can be used for successful fundraisers. After all, these are stunning keepsakes that no one can pass up.


About Tom Pollard

“This company is an accident in progress,” said Tom. “I never knew anything about ornaments before and now I create at least one new ornament a week.”

Tom was always an entrepreneur by nature. As a child he began to sell things that he made for a profit, including potholders. As an adult he started his career with commercial photography and also sold souvenirs such as magnets and postcards.

It wasn’t until 1988 when he walked into a shop in Station Square in Pittsburgh, PA that his life changed forever. The business owner lost her supplier for ornaments and asked if that was something he could do. He accepted the challenge and went home that night wondering what he had gotten himself into. Tom started researching ornaments, which was difficult because it was before the Internet. However, he accomplished the task and created his first Pittsburgh ornament.

Not long after that, Tom and his wife were at Heinz Hall for a Christmas concert. Sitting just a few rows in front of him was a couple. And as fate would have it, the woman gave the man one of Tom’s ornaments as a gift. Tom actually got to see the reaction that a person feels when they receive one of his ornaments.

“It was a really neat thing to see and made me realize that this business was going to be great,” said Tom.

While the business was an emotional uplift from the start, it still took a lot of practice and time to evolve into what it is today. It wasn’t until 1998 that Tom took making ornaments seriously and started expanding his niche in the market. Now he has three main lines of ornaments for sale: Tom’s Ornament Store, Custom Ornaments, and Fundraising Ornaments.

Tom Pollard Design ships orders
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