Vision Products Inc.

Vision Products Inc.

Creates Quality Sample Products

by Karen Fetter

vision-productsWhen it comes to building or remodeling a structure there are a lot of decisions to be made. Everything from the flooring and paint to the siding and roof.

It becomes nearly impossible to make these decisions by just looking at a catalog or photograph. It was because of this need that Vision Products Inc. was born. Vision Products, located in New Kensington, creates samples and displays so customers of building companies can have what they need to see their own ‘vision’ of what they are creating. Now people can see the actual product and make educated decisions for themselves.

Owner and CEO Jim Young started the business in 1995 because he needed more samples for the company he was working for at the time. He started out with just one item. However, this number grew rapidly because of his knowledge of the building business. Now with hundreds of products, Vision Products continues to grow every year.

“We are the most diversified business of this kind in the country,” said Jim. “Businesses can get everything they need from us. We are a one-stop shop.”

Vision Products has a Make-Stock-Ship program. This program allows customers to place purchase orders based on their annual requirements, without the worry of storage and invoicing until the product is shipped. Not only does this program offer customers the best pricing, but Vision Products also carries a safety stock of every item produced for each client.

But Vision Products is not just about filling orders. Vision Products listens to its customers to understand what is needed and then tries to accommodate these requests so it can remain a one-stop shop for its clients.

This is how it has evolved through the years. It is this careful attention and understanding of each customer’s objectives that makes Vision Products the leader in the sample industry.

In addition, Vision Products continuously strives to stay ahead of the competition by providing the most innovative marketing tools available. Display bags and units make presentations professional and appealing to customers.

“Without our customers we would be nothing. It is by listening to them and understanding new ideas and trends that we are able to stay current with building supplies and then have the most up to date samples on the market,” said Jim.

Vision Products employees work as a team constantly to improve products so the customer is constantly impressed with the samples. And this is achieved without raising prices or sacrificing quality. Vision Products wants to give its customers the best product so they can show a quality sample and sell more.

“We see four to five new products each day. We get to see trends of the building industry before anyone else. It is just tremendous to see how much better and innovative products are becoming,” said Jim.


The teamwork that is between Vision Products and its clients continues to grow because of the constant improvement of building supplies. Similar to technology, building supplies change by the minute. As a result, this teamwork is vital so samples are current and useful for both parties going into the future. Each customer is different and each of their products is different. All products are custom manufactured to meet every customer’s needs.

Services that Vision Products provide are amazingly diverse. They include woodworking, laminating, die cutting, metal stamping, vinyl stamping, fulfillment, inventory control, warehousing, assembly, distribution, screen printing, heat transfer, pad printing, ink jet printing, mounting, UV printing, embroidery, turned edge wrapping, glass samples, metal rack fabrication, and concrete floor samples.

Vision Products also has a wide variety of windows and siding samples. This includes window frame cases, soft side demonstration bags, window case cover, fandecks, insulated glass units, stand up cases, half windows/corner cuts, and solid oak displays.

Flooring and roofing samples include fandecks, tabletop displays, display boards, deck and floor displays, and flooring samples.

Some of Vision Products Incorporated’s specialty products include heat lamps, IG units, radiometer, solar meters and stands, continuity tester, UV cards, mini lamp, key chains (made from your material), accessory key chains, custom cases, graphic panels, paint and stain fandecks, and solid oak glass holders.

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